Customer: Prestige Audio
Business Type: AV Installer
Installation location: Showroom
Product: 19” Mirror Television – Custom Size Mirror

All the features we wanted in a great looking product – and exemplary service too

It’s always flattering when another company offers to become a reseller of our products. But we don’t automatically say yes.

We need assurances that they’re the right kind of company with the right kind of ethos. Fortunately, we’d worked with Prestige Audio before. We knew what they were all about, and we were more than happy to join forces.

Prestige Audio concentrates on installation, design and management of home automation, for their customers. So when they asked us to supply a 19” Full Mirror Television for their brand new showroom, it was the perfect opportunity for them and us to exhibit our unique and diverse product range.

The Prestige showroom really looks the part now. It’s ready to show off our products and their services. It’s a great showcase of what promises to be a great ongoing relationship…

“We recently refurbished the showroom bathroom at Prestige Audio’s head office in Watford and wanted to install a Mirror TV. We looked at all the options and it immediately became clear that the guys at Tech2o were the people to talk to. They supplied a great looking product that offered all the features we were looking for and more. It didn’t stop there: from beginning to end their service was fantastic. Really quick too – from initial design to delivery took no time at all. We’re extremely happy with the look and performance of the product. We’re delighted to be a verified Tech2o reseller.”
Prestige Audio