Customer: Sunseeker International Ltd
Business Type: Yacht Manufacturer
Installation location: Open Top Cockpit (of) Predator 60 Yacht
Product: 32” Bathroom Television – Mirror Screen Finish

Impressive design and a fantastic product that really looks the part

Sunseeker were working on a custom interior project for one of their Predator 60 foot motor yachts and knew that we could help with some important finishing touches…

Sunseeker wanted to put a 32” TV in the open-top cockpit of the boat, with a specific requirement that it should be installed into the back of the seating. We considered a variety of options for them and proposed both our 32” bathroom and 32” outdoors TVs; both of which were fit for the purpose. The customer opted for the bathroom TV on account of its flush in-wall application and its sleek, desirable appearance.

The yacht is now sailing around the world in all its glory, winning new admirers wherever it goes. We’re certainly very proud to have been of service to such a prestigious luxury global brand, and delighted to have had a small part to play in keeping Sunseeker at the forefront of innovation and design brilliance.

“Tech2o obtained the order due to the impressive design of their bathroom TV’s, as well as the simple yet effective installation details. It is a fantastic product that certainly looks the part within one of our most premium range motor yachts.”
Sunseeker International Ltd