Customer: Callum Walker Interiors
Business Type: Interior Designer
Installation location: Pool Room and Health Suite
Product: 42” Bathroom Television – Black Screen Finish

Amazing product, simple to install and excellent specification

We always enjoy working with interior designers. Our uniquely designed televisions give them a whole new world of possibilities to play with – new designs and new ideas they know their customers will love.

In this case, our client wanted a large bathroom television for their customer’s health suite and poolroom. But they didn’t know what specifications would be required. Not a problem. We got fully involved in the process. With the benefits of our experience, we were able to advise their customers on the right size, type and finish television. Based on that, they came to a decision very quickly.

Our client had already researched us online before he got in touch. He liked the look of our products and was keen to talk us through the requirements of the job. That’s so often a key part of the process. It’s when we get to speak to people, and really get to grips with their requirements that we’re able to give them the kind of service (as well as the kind of products) they need.

That’s certainly how it happened here. And after the installation, the customer told us our television was very simple to install – and that the specification was just what they had wanted.

“Tech2o knew our needs from the offset and were very knowledgeable on what was the best solution for our customer’s installation. They continued to impress with their competitive prices, and I recommend them to our other customers on a daily basis. The product was amazing, simple to install and the specification was spot on!.”
Callum Walker