Customer: Matt Hampson, Leicestershire
Location: Hydrotherapy Poolroom
Product: 42” Bathroom Television

Never mind The X Factor, this TV’s got The Wow Factor

We love hearing how people are going to use the televisions we design and build for them. There are certainly some interesting stories to tell. In this one, our client, Mr Hampson, an ex-professional rugby player – came to us with a very specific need…

Back in 2005, Mr Hampson was seriously injured whilst playing rugby. As a result, he has had to redevelop his home to cater for his special needs. As part of his rehabilitation, Matt spends many hours each week in his specially designed hydrotherapy poolroom. The hydrotherapy helps, but it can get a bit boring. So Matt gave us a call.

We talked Matt through our wide range of waterproof televisions, and he chose a smart 42” bathroom TV with a reflex silver screen, fitted flush to the wall. It certainly helps those hydrotherapy sessions whizz by.

“Awesome product!!! The television is just what we were looking for. It certainly has the wow factor and looks fantastic all flush and built into the wall. Great picture and sound quality too.”
Matt Hampson