Customer: Chris Walker, London
Location: Poolroom
Product: 55” Bathroom Television – Mirror Screen Finish

“My kids love inviting their friends round for TV and a swim!”

It’s always great fun seeing what impact our televisions can have. Particularly when the children’s faces light up and they realise they can go to the bath and watch television. Or in this case, have a swim and watch television. So when a client got in touch looking for a waterproof television for their poolroom – something to keep the family entertained while they swam – we were delighted to help.

We got together with the family to talk over their requirements. It was clear that, given the size of their poolroom, they were going to need one of our larger waterproof televisions. Together, we decided on a 55” set.

There were other considerations to take into account too. Our customer was keen that the television should enhance the look of the room – even when not switched on. So we recommended a flush-to-the-wall installation. And the customer chose one of our beautiful mirror-finishes – the perfect finishing touch.

“We wanted a large television in our poolroom that didn’t look out of place and was safe to use in a humid environment. Tech2o offered us all the assistance we needed when it came to the finer detail of the unit, and this attention to detail in the initial stages made it easy to choose Tech2o. My kids love inviting their friends around for a swim and watching their favourite TV programmes.”
Chris Walker