From your bathroom to your garden, pool room to your lounge, we supply the most innovative televisions that bring entertainment, superb style and the utmost safety and reliability to your home.

For your bathroom

Bring your bathroom to life with a Full HD, Smart TV. Watch movies, listen to your favourite music, browse the internet – it’s up to you. Our innovative, waterproof televisions are available in a shower – 15″ size, right up to our luxurious 65″ screen – so whatever size your bathroom – we’ve got the perfect option.

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For your outdoor space

Get outdoors – and take your favourite entertainment with you. Our highly acclaimed Outdoor Televisions (as featured in The Daily Mail) are robust, reliable and completely weatherproof – whether they’re providing a high-visibility screen even in bright sunlight – or keeping the elements at bay on a stormy day.

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For your living room

Banish the big black box TV from your living room forever. Our stunning mirror televisions offer a huge style upgrade from a standard ‘on wall’ set, offering a wide range of sizes and frame options (or fully custom options) that will enhance the room – not detract from it. Switched off it’s a beautiful mirror – switched on it’s a Full HD, Smart TV. It’s a no-brainer.

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