Choose from our standard range of Wall-Mounted Mirror TV’s (available in a range of sizes) or simply design your own Custom-Made Mirror TV to meet your exact specifications.


See our range of Wall-Mounted Mirror TV’s. With a choice of sizes and seven frame styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your room.

  • A range of screen sizes with fitted mirror panel
  • Designed for indoor ‘dry-room’ applications (not for use in bathrooms)
  • Hangs just like a picture for easy wall-mounted installation
  • Internal speakers as standard – or connect to your own audio system


Our Custom-Made option gives your the freedom to design your own Mirror TV. A Mirror TV with a unique size and frame? Whatever you want, we can create the perfect Mirror TV solution. Request a quote now!

  • Mirror size can be customised to meet your needs
  • Choose a non-waterproof (dry-room) or waterproof (bathroom) specification
  • Installation can be either recessed or wall-mounted and speakers can be either internal or external

Which option is right for you?

If you’re not sure which of our Mirror TV options is right for you – please give one our friendly experts a call and we’ll guide you through the choices:

+44 (0)1509 608 006