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Unique, innovative televisions only from Tech2o

This is the exciting bit. You’re about to discover a truly unique range of products – televisions you won’t find anywhere else. Before we introduce you, there’s something you need to know…

Tech2o televisions really are one-of-a-kind. We work with the manufacturers to design and build televisions solely for Tech2o customers. So we bring you the industry-leading features and innovations you want…

Bathroom TV’s

Beautiful, durable, waterproof televisions that don’t just fit in around your routines; they enhance your life. From rolling news in the morning to indulgent ‘TV and soak-in-the-tub’ nights in.

Outdoor TV’s

Tech2o’s outdoor televisions can operate safely in all-weather conditions including sun, rain, snow and hail. They’ll give you a perfect picture within an extraordinary operating range of -20°C to +50°C.

Wall-Mounted Mirror TV’s

Create a stylish addition to your living space by hanging a beautifully framed mirror above your mantel piece which becomes a full screen spectacular HD TV at the flick of the remote control.

Custom-Made Mirror TV’s

Switched off, it’s a mirror; switched on, the incredibly sharp HD picture comes to life. Each mirror TV can be uniquely customised. So whatever size, wherever you want to watch, we can create your perfect mirror TV solution.